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How much does web design cost?

Our pricing starts at $500 to use one of our ready made templates, its turnkey, ready in 3-5 days. We just need to add in your photos, text content (the hardest part) and logo.

Our other option starts at $1500 for custom and unique work. This includes our service of creating the text content (the hardest part), custom layout, illustration drawings and photo sourcing. This is perfect for the busy small business owner that wants a custom design and doesn’t have the time to do the content work.

See more details here.

Who creates the content for my website?

Depending on which package you go with. If you go with our “Simple Website” package. You are 100% responsible with the content. We will provide you the template of your choice and you have to send the written content and photos to replace the placeholder content we temporarily have. We will reformat content you provide based upon search engine optimization techniques that we know. However you must provide the content originally.

With our custom website package, we do it all for you the writing, layout design and photo sourcing. We assure you that all photos, illustrations and copywriting are all original and not stolen from other websites.

How long does it take to complete my website?

This depends on the client. The biggest thing that delays a website project is content. We can get a site up within 1 week starting the project, yet this rarely occurs. We usually have to wait for the content to be created and be submitted. We have clients that get their website up and running within a month, and we also have clients that have waited over a year to complete the website.  It is really up to you.

For our Custom Website package. It generally is faster because we do all the content creation for you and because of that. It’s pretty much just a yes or no from the client. Typically we finish within 1.5 months.

What is Website Care and Maintenance?

Just like a car, your website requires updates, backups and content updates as your business grows. We offer monthly care plans.  Our service includes:

  • Keeping all plugins and the core WordPress files updated
  • Keeping content on the site current ~ employees come and go ~ is your Staff page updated?
  • Trouble shooting any issues
  • Adding or deleting images
  • General changes to your website
  • Website Backups
  • Reliable and Speedy Hosting by our partners at Siteground
  • Licenses for premium themes and plugins
  • Unlimited Support
Is there a contract and why should I go with Rice Digital?

We don’t like contracts either and we don’t put you on a contract. You are free to cancel anytime.

You don’t have to go with our website care service but you’d have to purchase your own hosting, licenses for themes and plugins and do the updates yourself. We will send you the links to purchase them and you’ll just pay us for the labor/time to create the website.

Most of our clients DO go with our monthly service because it ends up being the same price and this way they have a go to person taking care of everything for their peace of mind.

What does "Unlimited Support" mean?

We provide our clients unlimited support on their existing website. Minor changes such as changing your text and photos on existing pages we do not charge anything. We typically get this done within 24-48 hours.

However if you require more pages or add other features. Anything that requires structural changes or adding more pages to the website will be subject to our hourly rate of $70 per hour.

Will you help get me a domain name? Can I use my domain name?

Yes! We assist our clients in obtaining their own domain name and connecting their domain to their website. We register the domain under your own name. We do not retain ownership of it.

If you already have your own domain name. Great! We simple ask you to give us access so we can connect your website to your domain.

Who owns the website?

You own the website design after paying for either of our packages. The only thing is if you decided to not use as anymore for website care. We’d need you to buy your hosting and your own licenses for the themes and plugins we use because they are all subscription based.

A portion of your monthly payment is actually used to pay for the licenses and hosting required to run your website. But at the end of the day, the website is yours.

Are your websites SEO and Mobile Friendly?

Yes. We design our websites to work in multiple devices and we implement Yoast SEO plugin to help your website with SEO. We implement basic SEO principles to help your website be visible online. We do not provide extensive SEO packages but we can recommend someone that can.

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